An Introduction to "The SensuElle Blog": A Love Note to my readers

Dearest & lovely reader,

Thank you for stopping by my corner of the internet to see what I’ve got going on. I’m Elle Du Jour! I’m a burlesque performer, dancer, yogi, and sensual educator currently residing in Texas.

I’ve been teaching yoga for quite some time now (8 years) and lately I’ve been wondering how to give a more holistic view of my life as a traveling performer, public speaker, and healer/instructor in the sensual arts. What better way to give my audience a peek into my life than by candid blog, right?

My goal for this blog is to present myself as a whole and complete sensual being. I wish I knew exactly what that meant, but we’ll just have to find out together. I am so excited for the journey.

I’ve had several blogs as a means of catharsis. With “The SensuElle Blog”, though, I really want to share the good and bad of being an uncompromising sensual being- seeking what’s best for my own pleasure and sharing it in ways which I see fit (through performance, workshops/classes, etc).

I’m not always the sexy vixen and powerhouse I present on-stage and I think it’s important to be up-front about that fact. Every step that I’ve taken toward my own empowerment as a sexual and sensual being has come with a fair share of heartache, disbelief, or a ridiculous (but completely necessary and humbling) life-lesson. I want to share these trials and nuggets of truth with the people who look up to me; those who might see me as sensually infallible.

I am human. I am on this journey trying to figure things out just like you. Every day I try to make choices that honor my highest-vibrancy, most opportunistic, pleasure-filled self (within reason). I think it’s only right to share the ups & downs that come with making such choices.

The best way I can describe this blog is stories of how I came to be this unyielding force of sensual energy, and how I'm still becoming that and owning it— so that I may empower others on their own sensual journey.

Join me as I follow my feelings to a better and more capable me.

xoxo Elle/Ari Elle